Search Engine Optimization


You know you need SEO for your website, but the world of search engine optimization seems vague, expensive, or sometimes downright spammy. Slow Burn Productions can help you understand the benefits of SEO and give you a clear picture of what results to expect and when to expect them.

So how can Slow Burn Productions help your business?

Keyword Research

Have you ever wondered what people are searching for relative to your business or product? SEO keyword research can provide you with valuable insights into popular trends in your space.

Understanding what your customers want is integral to a successful marketing campaign. SEO keyword research provides hard data on search terms, search frequency, and term competitiveness.

Content Optimization

The content on your website is the single most valuable resource you have for search engine optimization. Slow Burn Productions can complete a full site analysis to identify areas of improvement, including:
  • Meta data
  • On-page keyword density analysis
  • Content write-through
We can even provide you with recommendations for "low hanging fruit" content development opportunities to increase your ranking on key phrases you may not even know you need to target.

Analytics and Reporting

Google Analytics can provide powerful insights into the performance of your SEO and social media campaigns.

From Google Analytics installation to detailed report analysis, Slow Burn Productions can provide you with the data you need about your referral traffic and campaign traffic to make smart decisions about your business.

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