Social Media Strategy


If you've ever asked yourself "how much should I spend on my Facebook ads?" or "so I'm on Twitter, now what?" then Slow Burn Productions is the perfect choice to help you with your social media needs.

What can Slow Burn Productions do for you?

Create Your Voice

Your social media presence is the gateway to accessing your customers' feedback, habits, and future spend. Slow Burn Productions can develop a tailored plan to help your business create a social media playbook that's easy to manage as your business grows over time.

From setting up your accounts to helping you understand how to use services like Twitter and Facebook like a pro, Slow Burn Productions can guide you through the process of establishing your social media presence.

Define Your Goals

To get the most out of social media for your business, you need to define your social media marketing goals.
  • Do you want brand recognition?
  • Do you need to drive conversions for your ecommerce portal?
  • Are you hoping to gain new customers at a brick and mortar location?
The social media strategy for your business will vary depending on your needs. Slow Burn Productions can help you define complementary goals for each social media service.

Analyze Social Insights

For the small to medium business owner, and individuals just getting started with social media, determining ROI from your social media marketing efforts can seem overwhelming.

Slow Burn Productions can help you navigate and understand Google Analytics and Facebook Insights reports. We can also work with you to implement tools to measure ROI from Twitter marketing campaigns and other social services.

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